How do you learn?

There is no question about it, PASS Summit is a fantastic event at which you can connect with industry professionals, learn new things, and hone your data wrangling skills.  However, with every great opportunity, there is room for improvement.  I am thrilled to find out that this year PASS is introducing learning pathways!

Why learning pathways?  Because PASS Summit is a huge event, full of amazing and wonderful topics and speakers and, quite frankly, it is super easy to get lost and over-whelmed with choices.

This year’s learning pathways are:

Find out more here:

I am so very excited to explore these new learning pathways.  The hardest decision for me is which one to chose! I hope to see you there!  Please be sure to stop and say hello to me.  You can’t miss me, I am the one with the short blue hair!

Want to know more about PASS Summit?  You can find all the info here:

Stay tuned for more PASS Summit greatness!

2019 Official PASS Summit Blogger

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