PASS Summit Buddy

You know what is scary?

Going to a HUGE conference where you know no one, are lost in a sea of abstracts, and feel alone among thousands of people.

Have you ever been there?  Felt terribly lost and alone in a sea of laughing people who seem to all be best friends and know where all the parties are being held?  Bet you would appreciate one person to reach out a hand and pull you to shore.

Need a Buddy
Everyone needs a buddy

My First PASS Summit

In 2016 my ticket for PASS Summit was bought and I was well on my way.  I was so very excited.  Thankfully, I already had a great network of SQL friends who would be there to show me the ropes, invite me to parties, and just over-all make sure I made the best of my time there without wearing myself too thin. 

There are parties, dinners, game nights, happy hours, and so forth.  But wait, isn’t this a several-day conference for us to learn from speakers?  Yes.  However, networking is a very important part of learning in our community.  We learn and grow from sharing knowledge and experiences.  PASS Summit is a great place to meet your future employee or boss!  You surely don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to expand your network.

First Timer Alert! 

If you are reading this thinking “Well lucky YOU, but I don’t know anyone!”  I have news for you.  You don’t have to show up and be alone.  You can register as a First Timer and get information that will help you get ready and ease into your first day at this awesome Summit.

There is a very special First Timer Event held in YOUR honor!  There you will get tips on what to expect from the event and mingle with other first timers.  Don’t be shy, show up  and meet others who are just as nervous as you!  Even if you know people in the community, but this is your first time, you will want to attend the First Timers Event to get key information.  You will need to REGISTER in order to attend, so don’t forget to do that NOW!


Be My Buddy

PASS is bringing back the PASS Summit Buddy Program again this year and I am super thrilled they are.  Last year I signed up to be a Buddy and met some really awesome people.  Two of my first timers were from Iceland.  It was very cool to be able to give them info about Summit, but also to hang out with them and find out more about Iceland.

The PASS Summit 2019 Buddy Program aims to help First-Timers like you get the most of your first PASS Summit experience. You will be teamed up with a Buddy – an experienced PASS Summit attendee who will provide information and answer questions beforehand, meet with you on-site, help introduce you to other attendees, and be a friendly face throughout the week.

The program will also provide the opportunity for you to meet other first time attendees within a small group setting, as each Buddy will be assigned up to five First-Timers. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to get insider tips and tricks on what to expect, and what not to miss during your first PASS Summit experience!


I want to Give Back

Are you a PASS Summit vet interested in helping first timers?  You can sign up now to be a Buddy!  This is an awesome opportunity to meet new people and share tips and tricks to ensure a successful week at Summit.  Think back to the one thing (or more) that you wish you knew the first time you attended.  Wouldn’t it have been nice to have someone share their experiences with you beforehand?  You know, like how hard it is to find those rooms over across the street, down in the basement!  

There are no strict guidelines, just be helpful and kind.  To ready my First Timers, I sent emails with:

  • PASS Summit news
  • links to sign up for parties
  • we discussed our hobbies
  • helped with their Summit expectations
  • answered location, event, restaurant questions

We planned a day to meet and chat face to face.  It was so awesome to meet these amazing new BUDDIES!  We gathered together for dinner and invited others along the way.  I felt like I was really helping them make the most of their first PASS Summit experience.  In return, I had the BEST Summit experience ever!

Don’t put this off, sign up now to get a or be a Buddy!

2019 Official PASS Summit Blogger

One comment

  1. Angela,

    Do you tell them about the session levels, Community Zone, SQL Clinic, what to do if you cannot get to your session in time or its full up? As another mentor it would be good to compare notes, especially as I am creating a presentation on going to PASS Summit as a First-Timer and not knowing what to expect.


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