Badge Battle 2019

Badge Battle 2019

Are you going to PASS Summit 2019?  If so, please help me out.  Recently I became embroiled in a war via twitter:


The Usurper

Mr Matt Cushing (t/b) thinks he can take on the almighty #SQLSelfie Queen!

How cute.

He thinks he can usurp the throne.  Well, Matt…


I accept your selfie war!  

The Background

At every SQL Saturday, PASS Summit, any event that #SQLFamily attends, I take and share #SpeakerSelfies or #SQLSelfies.  This PASS Summit, Matt and I will be doing the same.  If you take a selfie with us, we will give you a shiny new badge ribbon in return!

How will we know who won?

I will have jewel blue ribbons and Matt will be handing out red ribbons.  Whoever has the least amount of ribbons left wins and shall (remain) be named SQLSelfie Queen/King for 2020. 

What do YOU get out of it besides a super awesome badge ribbon?  You get twitter fame!!!!  Well, at least you get more people looking at your face on twitter.

BlueAngela (I have blue hair)redMatt (does NOT have blue hair)


So if you see us, just come up and ask for a #SQLSelfie and let us know your twitter so we can tag you!  Keep an eye on that hashtag to see who has the most!

I can’t wait to meet you!

A few of my past selfies with #SQLFamily:



So Matt….



PASS_19_BloggerIcon AngelaT3

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