PASS Summit 2019


I am up, fully caffeinated and ready for PASS Summit!  I am sandwiched in between Glenn Berry and Kellyn Gorman and surrounded by the most awesome people in Seattle! Where am I?  I am at PASS Summit!  Woooooo!

What is in store for today?

Grant Fritchey, Board President

First, Grant Fritchey will open up the Summit and welcome us all.  Sadly, this is the last year that Grant will be doing this.  His Presidency ends, and I know that we will miss him all very much.

Grant believes that networking is key.  “Your employer hires you AND your network!”  Networking will open up your knowledge base instantly as you will have professionals who will want to help you!  So reach out, shake hands, introduce yourself to new people!  Share business cards, twitter handles, don’t be shy!  THIS is your best opportunity to meet some of the best of the best in the data field!

Don’t forget to stop by the sponsors of PASS Summit!  They have great new features and tools as well as some really awesome swag.  So be sure to stop in and meet them and say thank you for sponsoring our great community.

If you haven’t yet, download the PASS app and turn on those notifications!

PASS Board positions are open!  Get to know the candidates and make your choice!  If you are eligible to vote, you will be getting an email.  Every vote counts!

Get out there and have fun PASS Summit family!

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