Rohan Kumar

Azure Data: PASS Summit Keynote

“Azure Data: Unmatched Price-Performance & Limitless Capabilities Wherever Your Data Lives”- presented by Rohan Kumar

Rohan shares that your inputs guide strategy in development.  How awesome is it that we are part of a community that is heard, and acknowledged!

SQL just keeps getting better.  Partnership with the community makes it better year after year. SQL from Edge to Cloud.

There is so much happening this year in Azure!  Oh my goodness, fasten your seat belts!  



What does this mean? 

  • Intelligence over any data
  • choice of platform 
  • Industry leading performance and availability
  • most secure over the last 9 years
  • Insights in MINUTES on my device

AZURE SQL DATABASE EDGE is now available for public preview!!!

Running on ARM and Intel architecture, Azure SQL Database Edge—now in public preview—brings the most secure Microsoft SQL engine to the edge. This productivity tool for edge computing combines new capabilities such as data streaming and time series with in-database machine learning and graph features. Develop your application once and deploy anywhere across the edge, your datacenter, and Azure.

  • Choice of platform
  • Time-Series built in
  • AI Built in
  • Turn key Management
  • Unparalleled performance and security


Azure Database for PostgreSQL Hyperscale

Now generally available! 

Build massively scaleable PostgreSQL applications!

Get it here

Focus on application innovation, not database management, with fully managed and intelligent Azure Database for PostgreSQL. Scale your workload quickly with ease and confidence.

Azure Database for PostgreSQL Hyperscale is now Azure Arc-enabled. You can run this service on premises on infrastructure of your choice with cloud benefits like automation, hyperscale, unified management, and a cloud billing model.

Moving on to Analytics

Analytics in Azure is unmatched.

Azure Synaps Analytics

Limitless analytics service with unmatched time to insight.

Azure Synapse is a limitless analytics service that brings together enterprise data warehousing and Big Data analytics. It gives you the freedom to query data on your terms, using either serverless on-demand or provisioned resources—at scale. Azure Synapse brings these two worlds together with a unified experience to ingest, prepare, manage, and serve data for immediate BI and machine learning needs.

See a demo from Ignite here:

Read more here

Azure Data Share

Now generally available!

Share data, in any format and any size, from multiple sources with other organizations. Easily control what you share, who receives your data, and the terms of use. Data Share provides full visibility into your data sharing relationships with a user-friendly interface. Share data in just a few clicks, or build your own application using the REST API.

There are so many exciting things coming from Microsoft this next year.  I have given you some news, some demo videos, and some links.  Go download and have some fun!

Oh, and you can go get a Raspberry Pi here!

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